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TapIn Event ManagerHow do you currently manage tournaments or other special events?  Do you reinvent the wheel every time? 

With TapIn Planner™ you fully automate the process of planning events, taking signups and accepting payments.  You will save time and money.  For recurring events, you fill in your information once, then reuse it when you start your next event.

TapIn Planner™ Phase 1 provides you on-demand interactive calendars.  You choose what information is displayed publicly and which is private.  You also have the option of automated online registration – no more registration via phone or email.  You set your tournament up with all the relevant details like time, date, check-in and handicapped flights.  Golfers add themselves to the roster.

TapIn Planner™ Phase 2 gives you full viewing and printing capabilities of all scorecards, leader boards, cart placards and more.  TapIn Planner™ automatically generates these from the details you entered in Phase 1.  Secure, convenient.

Please view our demo site for an example of how the TapIn Planner™ can work for you:

Demo Tournament Signup >

Demo Tournament Roster >

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