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Out of the Box Solutions: TapIn Contests

Golf Around the Bay British Open ContestTapIn has created a variety of interactive, dynamic, opt-in Contests.  Each of these Contests is proven to drive traffic to your website, but perhaps more importantly, to increase the size of your opt-in (Email Marketing) mailing lists.

Our customers report they increase their opt-in mailing lists by an average of 200 to 1000 qualified email addresses each time they run one of our contests.

TapIn Contest Dates:

  • The March Madness Bracket Contest-  March 15th -2011
  • The Masters - April 6th - 2011
  • The US Open- June 15th - 2011
  • The British Open - July 13th - 2011
  • The PGA Championship - August 10th - 2011
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